13.1 Training: Weeks 1 and 2

Okay so my last post was about an "11 week" workout plan... which I really just made to get myself on track with working out. I've been keeping a decent schedule with exercising, and recently started running with some neighbors a few times per week. One of my neighbors is training for a half marathon, and she asked if I wanted to join in the training. She's doing a half marathon in September, that I can't go to unfortunately due to a wedding, but I thought it would be "fun" to try to keep up with her training.

So far,  things are going pretty good! I don't really have a plan for training (I think she is loosely following a Hal Higdon novice plan), but I try to do 2-3 three-mile runs during the week, and a longer run on the weekend. I planed to start at 4 miles and increase mileage by .5-1 mile per week for the long runs.  Eventually I would like to increase my weekday mileage at least one day per week as well.

Week 1 (May 5-11): 

Monday - Ultimate Conditioning class for an hour (tabata)
Tuesday - Early a.m. run. 2.02 miles @ 9:48 pace before work. Ran with the crazy dog
Wednesday - Early a.m. run. 3.3 miles @ 10:30 pace before work. No dog {thank god! shes crazy}
Thursday -  Nada
Friday - After work 2.14 miles @ 10:57 easy pace. Ran with the dog! She got pretty tired...

("I'll just sleep here forever, thanks")

Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 4.31 miles @ 11:46 pace. This run killed me. Not sure exactly why seeing as it was so slow, but I was useless. I'm glad I got the run done at least?

Week 2 (May 12-18): 

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Skipped U/C class. Had a work meeting and then work family event. Specifically, I got to take my awesome nephew and sister to a mini putt/arcade place. Loved it

Wednesday- Early a.m. run w/ neighbors. 3.44 miles @ 11:50 pace.
Thursday- Rest
Friday - Rest... I actually was probably not resting any of those rest days. I had a crazy week at work and its Sunday night right now and I'm still trying to crank out a bunch of work!
Saturday - 2.77 miles @ 10:49 pace w/ Gracie.
Sunday - Lurie's Children 5k in Chicago with my friend. We stayed out kind of late in Chicago and questioned our ability to run this thing, but we ended up doing well! We started out slowly but definitely picked up the pace at the end. We thought we were sprinting the last .1 but they were tricky and the race was actually 3.17. Sneaky sneaky.

My friend and I took a picture at the end of the race. Nbd, my eyes are closed and I'm looking extra fabulous ;) 
Check out the shoes? I got those so long ago. Time for a new pair?! (Rhetorical question).

I didn't have a chance to do my long run this weekend so I will hopefully make up for it on Monday or Tuesday. On the down side, my knee is bothering me and I am really hoping the pain will go away after some quality foam rolling. Its the inside of my knee so I don't think IT band. Not really sure!

On the up side, I went to Whole Foods today for maybe the second time in my entire life. I'm obviously living under a rock. It was awesome there and now I see why people get kind of obsessed. I bought a bunch of food from their deli section that they put in containers and I can bring into work this week. I couldn't wait though and I dug into this Kale + tomato + dried cranberry salad today while doing some work. 

Looking forward to another week and some more miles!

11 Week Workout Plan: Week 1 Review

Last week was the first week of my "11 week workout plan." No specific rhyme or reason to having 11 weeks... I just wanted to lay out a plan for myself to get active. Here's the schedule for week 1.

Monday - I did 60 minutes of my Ultimate conditioning class which is a mix of cardio/lifting

Tuesday  - off

Wednesday - Had to work all night! Wasn't able to exercise

Thursday - 2 miles on treadmill @ 10:15 pace; and then 20 minute Tabata workout from Hillary at Nutrition Nut on the Run.

Friday - 5:30 am Ultimate conditioning class and 1 mile on the TM

Sat & Sunday - Nothing!

Three days working out is better than zero! Feeling pretty good. Goal for next week is 4 days + healthier eating :)

Holding myself accountable (1 year later?!?!)

Wow! A lot has happened since my last post. Lets see... I studied for the bar exam, took the bar exam, started work clerking for my firm, found out I PASSED the bar exam, became a lawyer, bought a fixer upper (kind of--parents own it), and have been crazy busy. Working out? It has taken a backseat. I'm afraid that while I'm getting adjusted to my job, I am unable to have the freedom to really focus on exercise and enjoying my time working out. That should not stop me from finding some time to get workouts in though. My friend Jen (who I've talked about on this blog) and I are both at a point where we want to start getting back to running and being fit. We followed the 10k running plan last year almost to a T, so we decided to make a get fit 11-week workout plan. This is based off of the 10k plan, takes into account our busy schedules, and has a new focus on cross training and weights.

Without further ado:
I hope keeping track on this blog will help keep me accountable in my path to working out more :) I've been doing a few things this week, but the real plan starts on Monday of next week. If you are following along, I will post a key for the things that aren't clear, like "Wed Weights." Those are going to be decided week-of.

Esprit de She Triathlon (Relay)

A few weeks ago I participated in the Esprit de She Triathlon sponsored by Athleta. I did the event as a relay with my roommate (run) and my boyfriend's mom (swim). I was on the bike (ha!).

It was a really fun event and I suggest that you check out the Esprit de She website here for information on an event in your area. They have runs, duathlons, cycling races, and triathlons all over the US, so there really is an event for everyone.

And now for the pictures :)

 (Hotel room the night before. They gave us some pretty sweet swag bags!)

(Coming in from the bike portion, smiling but tired as all get out!)

(Transition, my roommate headed out to do the run)

(We finished!!)

Run for Boston

The local running club organized a run dedicated to Boston, so my roommate and I brought the dogs out and joined them. (we are third and forth from the left). The group did the same route they do on their weekly fun runs, which is a 1-miles warmup followed by a 2-mile run around the park. 
 My roommate is running the marathon this upcoming weekend (10k for me! yikes!) so she wanted to run a little more.  We ended up doing 5 miles total. 

March 2013 Running in Review

March was an interesting month. It was half dominated by my indoor triathlon (doing an ironman over the course of a month...which I finished!! woo!).  The other half was spent in Europe doing an international commercial arbitration competition. I only ran twice but I'm surprised I even did that! Anyway, my review of March reflects these two things.  

March Stats: 
Total Distance: 41.94 miles
Total Time: 7.31 hours
Average Pace: 10'12"

Compared to February, I ran only 11 times as opposed to 14 times, but I still only ran 4 less miles. So I am definitely increasing my mileage.  My pace slowed down a bit, but that is probably because I take a slower pace doing my long runs.   My goal for April is to get back in the 9 min mile arena for my average pace :)

Unofficial Budapest Running Tour

I'm almost done with the first leg of my European journey.  I've spent the past few days in Budapest, Hungary for an arbitration competition.  I am so exhausted.  We didn't quite get over the jet lag before having to wake up early to arbitrate and then attend the evening social events (cry me a river, right?) But as we write this I'm seriously on the struggle bus staying awake!!

We went on a 6 mile sight-seeing run throughout the city of Budapest on our first full day in town. It was so awesome.  We stopped ever so often to explore castles, take pictures, buy a few random goodies, and eat lunch.  The weather was sub-par but the company was great.

(Map of the run. We had no idea where we were going but we did a nice little circular tour around the downtown!)

 (Run/posing for the camera)
 (Teammate bonding!)
 (Castle in Budapest)

(Posing at the steps leading up to a monument).

All-in-all, a great run.  Where is the most interesting place you've run?